10 Questions for

Tell us about your consultant services?

Working as a consultant for the media, industry and business along with philanthropies is incredibly exciting. Often these groups have lacked advising by true experts on issues related to humans, animals and the environment. I am honored to act as a trusted resource to help news networks tell accurate stories, increase sales for businesses and aid philanthropies in health and science advisement.

In addition to consulting, why are you committed to a career as a media personality?

One thing is driving my pursuit - PASSION! I adore the many relationships we have with animals and believe they should be shared by an entertaining but educating expert in the mainstream media. Veterinarians are the only animal experts who can speak with authority on a broad range of issues including animal welfare, food safety, animal behavior, and pet care!

If you could be any animal what would you be?

A giraffe...they can always see whats coming ahead...plus no one tries to eat you when your that tall...

What is the greatest animal adventure you have ever been on?

I have been fortunate to have many amazing adventures involving animals and people. However, roaming thru South Africa with their national parks game capture team was exhilarating. Flying in helicopters, darting wildlife, camping in the freezing wilderness and jumping into trucks away from stampeding wildebeest was all in a days work! Makes for great television and crazy stories.

What fascinates you most about the human-animal bond?

The depth with which the bond exists in our society and the range of emotions associated with it. The joy of a new family puppy, captivation with sea creatures, anger over animal abuse cases, sorrow rom the death of a beloved pet, fervency over farm animal welfare issues, triumph in being carries by four hooves, satisfaction found in a steak and shrimp dinner, and the comfort found in petting fur. I am fascinated by all these emotions being invoked in people by animals. It is enthralling that completely opposite emotions can be invoke in different people by one animal event.

People often state they wanted to be a veterinarian, except they could never euthanize an animal. How do you cope with this emotionally?

The choice to euthanize an animal is a personal one made by the client, but also the doctor. For my own emotional health, animals must meet certain criteria to be a euthanasia candidate. Euthanasia means a good death and should be seen as a gift by relieving suffering. Still, I have yet to euthanize and animal without grieving at some point for the loss of it’s life.

How have you dealt with the challenges of becoming a veterinarian?

As I try to deal with any challenge, one...step...at...a...time. However, there is an extraordinary amount of sacrifice and blind determination involved.