Consultant Services

Dr. Amber serves as an excellent advisor in an array of areas. Please see below to select your subject matter. If the subject is not listed, please inquire about availability.

To interview or book Dr. Amber Andersen, please contact:

Eileen Koch at Eileen Koch & Company, INC. 310.441.1000
You can send an email to or visit


Media Services

"For any event involving animals, the media flocks to Dr. Amber."

  • Expert contributor and consultant on any animal-related news story
  • Fully prepared segments for local and national radio and television news, daytime and late night talk shows, and online media.
  • Extensive programing ideas for producers of network television shows

Business Consultant Services

"The pet industry is on track to hit 50 billion dollars in 2011. Dr. Amber knows what animal owning customers want. She will improve your product and profits."

  • Available for a wide range of business brands
  • Pet Products and Supplies
  • Hotels, airports, and transportation companies wanting to include customers with animals
  • Healthcare – animals in the human healthcare field including:
  • Public health topics, zoonotic disease, animal assisted therapy/activities, adult and child mental health, pet loss, veterinary family practice and animals positive impact on exercise
  • Corporations going green to help humans, animals and the environment
  • Use of animals in advertising

Philanthropic and Nonprofit Entities

"Dr. Amber is an outstanding advisor to high profile philanthropies. She understands the political and social issues involving an array of health and science topics. She listens to the donor and uses her broad experience to help achieve their humanitarian goals. Health and Science consultancy topics include:"

  • Public Health, Global Health and One Health
  • Companion Animal and Human – Animal Bond Projects
  • Animal Sheltering, Animal Welfare, and Food Animal Topics
  • Marine Animal and Wildlife Concerns

Educational and Motivational Speaking Topics

Health and Science

  • “One Health” – A Paradigm Shift: Engaging education about the important linkages between humans, animals, and our shared environment.
  • Human – Animal Bond Assortment: A variety of subjects available and presented charismatically, from poignant reflections of animals in our lives, to entertaining medical cases.
  • Faith, Animals and Environmental Science: How people of faith can serve furry friends and mother earth.

Women’s Issues

  • How to Find a Great Mutt and a Good Man: Hilarious overview about women picking the best mutts and men in life.
  • Dream It, See It, Achieve It: Encouraging women and girls to achieve their remarkable goals through a combination of vision and strategy